Q:      Where does the ship dock in San Juan?

A:       Due to the protected nature of the San Juan Bay, ships dock at either the Old San Juan piers or at the Pan Americana piers. Our easy meeting locations at both piers are located either just outside your terminal or across the street from the pier.

Q:      Can we tour from the airport to our Cruise ship or hotel?

A:      Yes, and done on a private basis.

Q:      Can we tour from the cruise ship piers to our hotel or airport?

A:      Yes, you can be toured to your hotel or the airport.

Q:      How long are the ships at port in San Juan?

A:       Most ships arrive between 7AM and 8AM local time and depart between 3PM and 4PM local time.  This allows enough time to take an excursion and return in time to shop for locally-crafted souvenirs and t-shirts, or get a bite to eat and taste some local flavors before returning to the ship.

Q:     In what time zone is Puerto Rico?

A:     Puerto Rico is always in the Atlantic Standard Time zone year-round. Please ensure to verify the time difference with your ship prior to arriving into port in Puerto Rico.

Q:      What is the best thing to do in Puerto Rico?

A:       Puerto Rico is a stunning, diverse Island full of natural beauty and history.  This is best seen with fortress tours, island tours, hiking its Rainforest, visiting its diverse beaches, or participating in eco-tours such as river boat cruises, horseback riding, helmet diving, Snuba Diving, or zip-lining.

Q:      Do I need to book a tour in advance?

A:       Advance bookings are essential, as our Puerto Rico tours are in very high demand and tend to sell out quickly.

Q:      Is Puerto Rico safe?

A:       The people of Puerto Rico are warm, friendly, and welcoming and take great pride in their island and culture.  The spirit of hospitality is widespread, and Boriquas (as they refer to themselves) have a genuine desire for you to experience the very best the Island has to offer.  As with any city or island, vigilance is appropriate when visiting a city on your own, one of the reasons guided tours are recommended.

Q:      What language is spoken in Puerto Rico?

A:       Even though Puerto Rico is part of the USA, its first official language is Spanish, and second is English.  You will find that almost everyone speaks three languages Spanish, English, and Spanglish.

Q:      Can I spend US currency in Puerto Rico?

A:       Puerto Rico is a US territory and uses US currency. ATMs are conveniently available all over the island and cities.  It is generally a good idea to have bills of smaller denominations.